Nudes - Gwen Murphy

Benjamin ZankBlending In, 2014

SOMEONE PLEASE BUY ME THIS BOOK 😩 I would love you for life! #sapeurs #congo
this may be a little embarrassing but i truly deeply loved the tv-sequel of GONE WITH THE WIND. it’s like a totally different movie, so you have to forget the original and watch it for it’s own. joanne whalley-klimer is the shit! and so is timothy dalton as rhett butler. 
we call that kind of slush trash “schmonzette” in germany <3 ronaldcmerchant:

Anne Francis-FORBIDDEN PLANET (1956)

them 50’s sci fi movies totally knew how to dress the characters! ilovehotdogs:

Inherent Vice (2014)
Poster designed by Dustin Stanton.




So I dyed my cats pink with leftover beet water. No regrets! <3 :D I had to wash them because of some oil spill they had gotten into, and chose to use the beet water, which is perfectly safe. I had no idea it would really make them this pink. 

I bet this poor person has gotten plenty of hate filled messages from people that didn’t read the caption and think she used real hair dye.


its not a phase mum THIS IS THE REAL ME